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Boxsky Scientific Classification

KingdomAnimaliaPhylumChordataClassMammaliaOrderCarnivoraFamilyCanidaeGenusCanisScientific NameCanis lupus

Boxsky Conservation Status

Boxsky Locations

Boxsky Locations

Boxsky Facts

Fun FactBoxers were bred to be working war dogs, and their boxsky descendants still love to help out on ranches and other outdoor jobs.TemperamentAffectionate, energetic, and independentDietOmnivore

Boxsky Physical Characteristics


  • Grey
  • Fawn
  • Black
  • White
  • Brindle

Skin TypeHairLifespan12-15 yearsWeight75 lbs

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Boxers were once bred to be war dogs who performed security duties and carried messages. Meanwhile, huskies were bred to be sled dogs who ran for long distances. Breeders created the boxsky to have a perfect hybrid of these loyal and hardworking tendencies.

The boxsky is an adorable mix between a Siberian Husky and a boxer. These dogs are large, playful, and hard-working, making them a great choice for owners with an active lifestyle. Many people adopt boxskies for their unique appearance, which include a short but thick coat, a stocky frame, and a set of piercing blue husky eyes.

Owning a boxsky takes a lot of work, so remember that these dogs are not for first-time dog parents. However, if you have a yard and plenty of free time, you might find that a boxsky is the most affectionate and loving dog that you’ve ever adopted.

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Owning a Boxsky: 3 Pros and Cons

Low shedding! Huskies might shed a lot, but boxers have short coats. This means that boxskies have significantly lower shedding levels while still being moderately weatherproof.Extremely energetic: Boxskies have an endless fountain of energy and are very hard to tire out. Don’t adopt one of these dogs unless you can take them to the park every day.
Great attitude! Boxskies are known for being sweet, affectionate, and fun-loving. Most Boxsky owners report that their dogs are the life of the party.Hard to train: Boxskies have stubborn personalities and short attention spans. Although they have no problem learning basic commands, these dogs may struggle to pick up more complicated training patterns.
Very playful! Boxskies are full of energy and love to play games like fetch or tug-of-war. Some boxskies are intelligent enough to learn more interesting canine activities, such as lure chasing or basic tricks.Trips to the groomer: Even though they have short hair, boxskies often have the same double coats as their husky parents. This means that you’ll need to take your boxsky to the groomer when the weather warms up to prevent them from overheating.

Boxsky Size and Weight

Boxskies are medium to large dogs with strong frames, short coats, slightly elongated snouts, and piercing blue eyes. When full-grown, boxskies typically weigh between 35 and 75 pounds and stand between 20 to 35 inches tall. Although female boxskies may be smaller than their male counterparts, the difference is usually negligible.

Height (male)20-35 in
Height (female)20-35 in
Weight (male)35-75 lbs
Weight (female)35-75 lbs

Boxsky Common Health Issues

Boxskies are incredibly healthy dogs with few natural health conditions. Issues like joint dysplasia and vision problems are moderately normal, so make sure to get your puppy checked by the vet as soon as you bring them home. As they get older, your boxsky might also start to suffer from heart problems. In general, ask your vet to check for conditions like:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Cataracts or retinal atrophy
  • Congenital heart defects
  • Canine epilepsy

Boxsky Temperament

Boxskies are sweet, energetic, loyal, and affectionate dogs with winning and playful personalities. These dogs have an endless amount of energy, which means that they can run and play for hours on end without getting tired. Boxskies are the perfect choice for families with large yards, spare time, and access to a local dog park. Their super-sweet attitudes make them an instant hit with other dogs and their owners, so don’t be afraid to let your boxsky socialize.

Although they are very sweet and affectionate, full-grown boxskies can be stubborn and a little difficult to handle. Don’t expect your dog to learn more than a few basic commands, and be ready to give them their own space when you’re too tired to provide the level of energy that they are looking for. These pups love attention, but they are independent enough to spend time by themselves, especially if there is an adult nearby to keep their separation anxiety at bay.

Health and Entertainment for your Boxsky

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How to Take Care of a Boxsky

Boxskies are affectionate and energetic dogs that need attention more than anything else. If you own one of these dogs, be prepared to start your day with playtime, walks, and general excitement. You’ll also need to make sure that your dog has a yard and plenty of room to be itself.

Boxsky Food and Diet

As high-energy canines, they need to eat more than the average pet. Look for a quality kibble with natural ingredients and a focus on protein and healthy fats. Split your dog’s portions up into two to three meals, and make sure to feed them on a regular schedule. If you notice that your boxsky is engaging in regularly destructive behaviors and you are unable to increase the amount of exercise that they are receiving, you can also consider reducing their portions so that they have fewer calories to burn.

Boxsky Maintenance and Grooming

These dogs have short hair, but they also have the husky’s trademark double coat. To keep shedding down, you’ll likely want to brush your boxsky at least once every few days. Look for a smooth brush with soft bristles that won’t irritate your dog’s skin. In addition to this, you’ll also want to take them to the groomer on a seasonal basis to get their undercoat trimmed. Finally, remember to bathe your dog regularly and trim their nails so that they don’t snag while your pup is running around outside.

Boxsky Training

These dogs are moderately intelligent and love to learn new tricks. However, their stubborn personalities can make listening difficult, especially if they are already full grown. Start training while your dog is still a puppy to help improve their chances of learning more commands as they get older. Stick to short training sessions, and use treats and praise as positive reinforcement for good behavior.

Boxsky Exercise

These dogs need an incredibly high amount of exercise to stay happy and even-tempered. Start by providing access to a large yard where your boxsky can run around. In addition, you’ll also want to take your dog on daily walks, bring them to the dog park, and spend at least 30 minutes playing fetch or another game. Getting enough exercise will improve your dog’s lifespan and make sure that they are relaxed and happy during family time at the end of the day.

Boxsky Puppies

The puppies are energetic, adventurous, and explorative. They need constant attention to make sure that they don’t get into trouble. If you want to prevent behavior problems later in life, make sure that you have plenty of time for your dog in the months after you bring them home. As your dog gets older, they’ll be more interested in becoming independent, especially if they still have an adult nearby.

Close-up of a Husky Boxer Mixed-breed puppy, 3 months old, isolated on white
Close-up of a Husky Boxer Mixed-breed puppy, 3 months old.

Boxskies and Children

These are large and energetic dogs, which makes them a bad choice for families with small children. Don’t let unsupervised kids around a boxsky, especially if they don’t know how to respect a dog’s boundaries. Monitor all social situations, and make sure to remove your dog if they start getting tired or irritated.

Dogs Similar to Boxskies

Few crossbreeds match up to the adorable mix of energy and affection that is the boxsky. If you want something similar, try looking for another boxer or husky hybrid.

  • Huskador – Mixed between a husky and a labrador, this crossbreed is a loyal and intelligent family dog.
  • Boggle – Boggles are a hybrid created by crossing a beagle with a boxer. Boggles are a little smaller than boxers and fit better into a family environment.
  • Siberpoo – Siberpoos is a hypoallergenic version of the Siberian Husky. Although these dogs have heavier coats and require a lot of grooming, they don’t shed nearly as much as their husky parents.

These dogs have short attention spans, so make sure to choose a name that they can respond to quickly. Popular names for them include:

  • Bella
  • Tyson
  • Ace
  • Ruth
  • Blue
  • Sabrina
  • Ranger
  • Louie
  • Archer
  • Lily

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