Canaan Dog

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Canaan Dog

Canaan Dog Scientific Classification

KingdomAnimaliaPhylumChordataClassMammaliaOrderCarnivoraFamilyCanidaeGenusCanisScientific NameCanis Lupus

Canaan Dog Conservation Status

Canaan Dog Locations

Canaan Dog Locations

Canaan Dog Facts

Fun FactThe Ashkelon Dog Cemetery, which can be found in one of Israel’s national parks, contains the skeletons of over 1,500 dogs from roughly 500 BCE. The scientific community uses this graveyard as evidence that the modern Canaan dog’s origins are in Israel.DietOmnivoreCommon NameCanaan DogSloganHas a strong survival instinct!GroupSouth

Canaan Dog Physical Characteristics

Skin TypeHairLifespan15 yearsWeight25kg (55lbs)

Canaan Dog Images

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The Canaan dog is a rare desert breed that is native to the Arabian peninsula and is recognized as the national dog of Israel.

The origins of this dog trace back to ancient times; in fact, some people believe that the first dogs may have been incredibly similar to this breed. Today, these energetic and fun-loving pups have been placed by breeders into family homes across the globe.

Canaan dogs are attentive, excitable, loyal, and friendly. They’re adored by their families for their excellent attitudes and their low-maintenance lifestyle. If you’re looking for a sweet pet that’s easy to train and loves to play, this is an excellent choice.

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3 Pros and Cons of Owning a Canaan Dog

Loves to exercise! Canaan dogs are energetic and love to do nearly every kind of outdoor activity. You can take yours running, hiking, hunting, or even just out for a walk by the lake.Strong prey drive. In the wild, these dog’s prey drive is necessary for survival. In a domestic environment, it can result in occasional aggression against other animals. Make sure to supervise your dog when they are around pets they do not know.
Alert and excited! These dogs pay attention to everything, which makes them great watchdogs. Yours will bark at intruders, but they won’t attack, making them a great choice for suburban home protection.Digging and chewing. Canaan dogs love to dig in the garden and chew on toys, especially if they don’t get enough exercise. Keep your pet entertained to make sure they don’t engage in destructive behaviors.
Low maintenance! Canaan dogs have short coats that require very little maintenance. If you’re looking for a pet with low shedding who doesn’t need to go to the groomer, the Canaan dog is a good choice.Likes to talk. These dogs are a vocal breed. Although they can be taught not to bark excessively, they may still be noisier than some owners prefer.

Canaan Dog Size and Weight

Canaan dogs are medium-sized pariah dogs with skinny torsos, short fur, and curly tails. The average weight for a male is around 45-55 pounds, and they tend to stand around 20-24 inches at the shoulder. Although females tend to be as tall as their male counterparts, they are significantly slimmer and can weigh as little as 35 pounds.

Height (male)20–24 inches
Height (female)19–23 inches
Weight (male)45–55 lbs
Weight (female)35–45 lbs

Common Health Issues

Canaan dogs are incredibly healthy and do not have any breed-specific issues. However, like other dogs, they may be susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia. Sometimes this dog variety experiences hypothyroidism, which can cause lethargy, random weight gain, and other metabolism-related symptoms. Finally, these dogs have occasionally been known to suffer from epilepsy. In short, the conditions that you should ask your vet to check your family pet for include:

  • Joint dysplasia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Epilepsy

Temperament and Behavior

Canaan dogs are energetic, attentive, and intelligent pets with a playful streak that makes them a great choice for active families. Most of this variety exhibit extremely loving personality traits and are very attached to their families. In fact, these dogs will go out of their way to keep everyone together in the same room so that the dog can spend time with them. This behavior likely stems from the Canaan dog’s herding nature.

Although they do well inside the house, Canaan dogs thrive when they are taken outside to play. These pups have attentive temperaments and love to explore the world with their owner at their side. Try taking your pet out for a long run; you’ll get tired long before they do.

Health and Entertainment for your Canaan Dog

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How to Take Care of a Canaan Dog

Canaan dogs don’t need nearly as much hands-on attention as other pets. However, because this breed was wild until recently, they may need direct leadership and regular training to make sure they understand their responsibilities as a family pet. As puppies, they are sweet, loving, and eager to learn. No matter what age you start training, your dog will be ready to pick up lessons as quickly as possible.

Food and Diet

Canaan dogs are energetic pups that burn a lot of calories for their size. Feed your pet a varied diet full of protein, fats, healthy carbs, and plenty of vegetables. These dogs love homemade food, but you can also feed them dog food with a protein-heavy nutrient breakdown. Make sure to check with your vet to confirm that your family’s pet is getting everything they need to thrive.

Maintenance and Grooming

Canaan’s have short coats that require very little maintenance. Expect minimal shedding and almost no trips to the groomer. Because these dogs are native to the desert, they have coats that naturally tend to reflect dirt, moisture, and other natural elements. To keep your dog clean, brush them and wipe them off with a damp towel once or twice a week. Give your pet a bath once a month, and remember to trim their nails.


Canaan dogs love to learn and are surprisingly easy to train. You can start working with your new puppy as soon as they get home from the breeder. Remember to establish yourself as a strong leader as quickly as possible; these dogs are pack animals, and they will attempt to assert dominance if they feel that the family isn’t being taken care of.


Canaan’s are incredibly energetic and need to exercise for several hours a day. These pups do best in houses with a yard or another area where they can run around to let off steam. Otherwise, try taking your pet for at least two 40-minute walks on a daily basis. If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, you can expect behavioral issues like digging, chewing, and excessive barking.

Canaan Dog Puppies

canaan puppy

As puppies, Canaan’s are sweet and easy to train. Because they are incredibly social animals, as a puppy they will not do well if left alone for extended periods. For best results, a member of the family should be around the puppy at all times until they are fully grown.

Canaan Dogs and Children

Canaan dogs are sweet and loving animals that get along quite well with children. Because they are herding dogs, these dogs are great at protecting members of their families. Although they are capable of being gentle with kids, these dogs may be slightly too pushy to interact with very small children when they are unsupervised. Remember to give your dog plenty of exercise to help them maintain a relaxed and positive demeanor.

Dogs Similar to Canaan Dogs

The Canaan dog is a rare breed that isn’t quite like any other dog in the world. However, because these are herding dogs, you may have a similar experience adopting another herding dog as a pet. Some options to consider are Collies, Australian Cattle Dogs, and German Shepherds.

  • Collie – Collies are sweet and lovable herding dogs with long, fluffy coats. Some collies have been bred to be pets instead of working dogs, resulting in a calmer and more family-friendly personality.
  • Australian Cattle Dog – The Australian Cattle Dog is a loyal and hardworking companion. These dogs are great with families and love to spend time outside.
  • German Shepherd – German shepherds are energetic, loving, and intelligent. Although they need a lot of exercise, German shepherds make a great addition to any household.

Because Canaan dogs are the national dog of Israel, many people like to give them Hebrew names. Popular names for these dogs include:

  • Lyron
  • Muki
  • Tavi
  • Zeki
  • Ashaki
  • Zarifah
  • Nijah
  • Yeira
  • Varten
  • Shadha

Famous Canaan Dogs

The most famous living Canaan dog is Zik, the personal pet of dog breeding expert Myrna Shiboleth. Zik and his owner have campaigned across the world in an attempt to revive the dog breed; many of the pups that Shiboleth places in various homes are directly related to her sweet, intelligent, and loving companion.

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